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Hello! My name is Jade and I am the man behind We think you print!
I am a freelance Graphic Designer in the Philippines working in this area since I graduated from college. Each of us was globally affected by this pandemic due to Covid – 19. The salary is insufficient to live from and having a decent quality of life is hard in this country. That’s why I started my own business with Jamakodesigns.com.
I managed to enhance and hone my ability in designing digital goods that buyers could print out on their own. First birthday invitations, then any party printable you can imagine. Luckily, my clients responded very well.
I am now starting to expand this website called
Share the best of my ability and help my fellow graphic designers to be easily connected to all the customers in creating customized designs.
Please feel free to start a conversation with us so we can create a customized design for your special occasion! We are always excited about new projects and love to be inspired by new ideas!
Looking forward to working with you,
We think you print

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